The Dark Side of K-Pop Trainee

There is a dark side to being a K-pop trainee. In one incident, a trainee was forced to pour drinks for investors who were older than the trainee. The richest investor chose the prettiest trainee and threatened to play her if she refused. The trainee later had to sleep in a sauna and wake up to a $100 note. The dark side of kpop trainee? Here are some stories .

One anonymous K-pop trainee recently revealed his/her horrific experience before making her debut in the entertainment industry. He wrote a blog post exposing the dark side of being a trainee. He shared his story with the public in order to educate people about what it takes to be a K-pop idol. The sad truth is, many of the K-pop trainees are hollow inside. But that is the price they paid for their fame.

While some trainees succumbed to the sweet temptations and debuted earlier than expected, many others were unable to stay in the spotlight for long. These trainees felt an emptiness while watching their peers become superstars. Some of them are still training while others are supporting them, but their underlying problems are evident. The dark side of K-pop trainee is the inhumane treatment trainees are forced to endure in order to become idols.

Even if the trainees are not as odious as the media makes them out to be, it is not uncommon for them to be subjected to unsavory treatment. They’re deprived of creative control over their music and performances, and they are never given the chance to express themselves in any way other than as a product. In some cases, this treatment is ongoing after they’ve debuted. They are often denied their basic rights, such as dressing or wearing the clothes they choose

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