Kpop Entertainment Companies Online Audition

Hundreds of kpop entertainment companies produce hundreds of new groups every year, but only a few become big enough to make millions of dollars. Some groups, like BTS, SNSD, and BIG BANG, make well over a million dollars a year from their music, and even more from endorsement deals. However, you must be careful: not all online auditions are as good as they seem. Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re looking for the right kpop group.

Many Kpop entertainment companies now offer auditions online. While most auditions will take a week or two, some auditions can take less than a week. Many trainees do not hear from scouts until a week later, so it’s best to try out several times. And, if you’re not accepted right away, you may have to go through multiple auditions until you find one that suits you.

JYP Entertainment, one of the Big 3 in South Korea, is a major Kpop company. Park Jin-Young is a legendary musician and is very hands-on with the artists’ careers. He’s a former participant in several Kpop audition shows. The company also hosts auditions globally to scout new talent. Some of its famous artists include g.o.d, the Wonder Girls, Suzy Bae of Miss A, and TWICE. Their artists have been rewarded with millions of social media followers and front-row seats at some of the biggest K-pop events.

There are also walk-in auditions for K-pop entertainment companies around the world. Both SM and JYP have a New York City office, and teenagers from all over the world can audition for the company. It is best to register for these auditions beforehand or attend them in person. Be sure to prepare a dance or song for the audition. Audition judges will be looking for marketability and personality.

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