How to Give Online Auditions for Kpop Companies

If you want to become a Kpop idol, you can begin by giving an online audition. Kpop idols started as late teenagers and must have a strong vocal range. They must be friendly and polite. Often, trainees are not notified if they fail after a week. Moreover, you should avoid performing high-note songs, as these are not good for your voice. Besides, if you fail to get the offer, you might have to return your salary. So, it is best to try a few auditions, and get a few offers to choose from.

If you don’t have any experience with dances, you should learn a few basic steps. First, you need to learn about the different types of dances. You should have at least some knowledge about the styles of dances, and you should be able to dance to any song. You can also watch YouTube videos to learn the dance covers you need to perform. Besides, you should wear comfortable clothes, as it will help you move freely and smoothly while dancing.

Aside from the online audition, most companies will require trainees to prepare a song in either English or Korean. It is advisable to practice the song as you wish, unless you are a native speaker. You can also use your own version of the song, but make sure to choose a song that shows your unique style. For the second song, you can choose one that suits your own voice.

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