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How to Get a JYP Audition Pass Email

If you’ve been waiting for a JYP audition pass email for over two months, you’re not alone. The first thing to remember is that these auditions are not as easy as simply turning up and singing. The judges will be listening to hundreds of auditionees, and they may ask you to perform acapella. If you want to make it through, you’ll need to prepare for every possible scenario. Even if you’ve already learned how to pass a JYP audition, it’s still a good idea to sing a different song, as your performance will be judged against the original.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the JYP audition pass is not your ticket, but your email. The reason for this is that you need to enter your email address as it’s part of the registration process. You’ll need to use your email address to sign up for JYP’s website so that they can email you your audition pass. Remember to include your name and your full name so that you can get your pass!

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