How Can You Tell If Someone is Listening on Alexa?

If you’re suspicious that your Alexa is being monitored, you’re not alone. There’s a growing list of people who use this technology to keep tabs on their spouses, coworkers, and other household members. Amazon’s technology works by listening for specific words and phrases when you use your voice. This can include everything from mundane topics like the weather to sensitive information such as banking details. Even more alarming, Amazon’s employees can listen in on your conversations and see your exact location. The location data can help the company determine your true identity.

You can find out whether or not someone is listening to your conversations by checking your Echo app. By opening the Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet, you’ll be able to view all the recordings made by your device. You can listen to these recordings by tapping on the text. If the recording has been flagged, Alexa will not display any text and will still play the audio file.

It’s possible that the app will note that the conversation is recorded and transcribed, even though you didn’t activate it. While the recording technology in Alexa is supposedly designed to stop this from happening, it’s possible for it to record a conversation without your permission. If you think that someone is listening to your conversations, you can take precautions to ensure your privacy. Using an app like Avast Secure Browser will prevent tracking.

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