Hottest Tech Web Startups in Cape Town

What are the hottest tech web startups in the Cape Town area? You may be tempted to try one of the big companies – Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn are all well-known local brands – but there are plenty of startups that deserve your attention, too. There’s something for every tech-savvy Capetonians’ tastes. Here are a few of our favourites. This list will grow over time, so keep checking back for updates.

Mindjoy: The South African company provides an online learning platform for children. This platform combines online courses with in-person events for children. Its aim is to make learning more accessible to all and more affordable than hiring a private tutor. The startup, which has offices in Cape Town, has raised over R5 million in two funding rounds, and employs anywhere from one to ten people.

Howler: Howler is another South African startup you should follow. This company uses technology to help event organisers. Its platform gives customers more control over their events and reduces the stress of organising events. Its website helps users to be more efficient in the organising process. It also aims to create a platform that will help event organizers get more out of their events. And if you have a knack for coding, this might just be the perfect career choice for you.

Skynamo – A South African fintech startup, Skynamo recently closed a $30 million Series A funding round. Its mobile application connects sales representatives to financial services and reduces administrative work. It also helps them connect with coaching opportunities and leads to higher sales. A lot of these startups are also based in Cape Town, so it’s important to keep an eye on the scene here.

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