Google Home Mini Review

The Google Home Mini is a smart speaker with the ability to interact with your voice. This device is powered by Google Assistant and can answer questions to help you with everyday tasks, such as scheduling a meeting or making a reservation. It also allows you to control your favorite music, movies, and TV shows, providing personalized responses for everyone in your home. With this feature, you can even ask your Mini what time your favorite show is on TV.

The Google Home Mini can be controlled by voice commands or by tapping on its fabric-covered top. The device has a microphone and a switch to control volume. The Home Mini is battery-free and can be charged via a micro-USB port on the rear. The device has a rubber bottom for extra grip and is available in black, grey, and peach colors. It has a built-in speaker and is available in many colors.

The Google Home Mini has many capabilities, but it can’t replace the Dot in terms of sound quality. It’s not as loud as the larger Home, but it can still play music through your favorite Bluetooth speaker. Because you need to be plugged into the Google ecosystem to use the device properly, you can connect it to a Google home assistant app like Google Play Music and use it to control smart home devices like the lights, doorbells, and thermostat. For around $50, the Google Home Mini is a good option if you are looking for a small smart speaker to replace the Dot.

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