Cunt Wars Mod June 2018

Free turn-based PVP card battle game pklikes Cunt Wars has come to PC Windows and Android! It features uncensored genitals and partial voice acting. The game is a satire on power and pussy-feeling in video games and is a new favorite among gamers! Play the role of Adam White, a pussy-looking renegade on a crusade for power and pussy!


Despite the fact that this game is essentially a card game, it’s not as simple as you might think. You have to use strategic thinking skills to win the game, collect girls, and win battles. cuntwars Mod APK is an arcade game that’s easy to learn and play, but requires some thought and strategy. You can join a free forum to chat with other players and share advice to finish the game. All your messages are sorted by delivery time, and you can even see who sent you messages.

You can unlock more cards and warriors by using the cunts. Cunt Wars also has a storyline. If you can beat the enemy commander, he will get to bed one of the ladies. This way, you can make your character stronger faster than ever. If you’re a new player in the game, you can even unlock more cards. You can also play pklikes com login with other people in a guild, and send gifts to each other.


After being available for free since June 2018, Cunt Wars is now available for download for PC Windows and Android. This free turn-based tactical RPG combines elements of hentai and anime with a strategic element. As you can see, the game is chock-full of pussycats, and even more than hentai cards. Cunt Wars is a great game for those who enjoy hentai card games.

The game world247web is fun and exciting, with multiple game boards and a variety of card types. You can buy items at the in-game store, including gold dust to increase the power of singular units. Gems are acquired at a slow rate from normal play, and premium features are gradually unlocked as you advance. You should consider the following options when playing Cunt Wars. Once you’ve found the one you like, read on!


As a free turn-based tactical RPG, Cunt Wars is a popular title for players over 18 years of age. The game features anime-style graphics and hentai elements, as well as a raging strategic component. The game’s many features include young ladies with extraordinary talents, hordes of newsminers creatures, and different battle options. You can enjoy all of these features without sacrificing your sense of morality.


In Cunt Wars, you can play on a variety of game newspedias boards and collect items in its in-game store. These items include gold dust to increase the power of singular units. You can buy in-game gems slowly through normal play, and the premium features are gradually introduced as you continue playing the game. Moreover, you can also purchase gold dust in order to reset the cooldown of loot chests instantly.

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