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When you have to download torrent files, you can use Torlock as an alternative. This torrent client has a user-friendly interface and minimal ads. If you’d like to get rid of the ads, you can install an ad blocker extension to prevent them from showing up. It also supports different video formats and is widely available across the world. This application also has a search box and video subtitles.

You can download the latest movies, TV shows, anime, eBooks, and video games, as well as software and applications. Torlock is one of the most comprehensive torrent solutions and is simple to use. Users can also vote on the quality of torrents, helping others decide which files are worth downloading. To make things even easier, Torlock also lets you share information about torrents and ask questions.

Torlock has a user-friendly interface, splitting torrents into categories and listing their specifications. However, the software lacks some features that other torrent clients offer. It also does not allow you to sort torrents by seeders, unlike other popular torrent clients like RARBG. Another major drawback of Torlock is its pop-up ads. Some of them are adult in nature and annoying.

Torlock has been accused of piracy, but its creator claims the torrent collection is clean and up-to-date. In fact, the owner offers to pay users who find a fake torrent on his site. In addition, the application is able to handle DMCA takedown requests. However, you should be aware of the piracy risks associated with torrents.


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