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Kickass is a comic series about a superhero without superpowers. His nerve endings have been damaged in a car accident and he can only tolerate a certain level of pain. This ability enables him to survive being tortured and eventually escape the torture room. However, his new ability to feel pain may not be what he was expecting.

The characters of Kickass do a lot of good. They do community service, and one of them is a superhero wannabe who ensures the safe return of young women. The series has spawned a craze for superhero costumes. Kickass is a fun read for anyone who wants to be a superhero.

Kick-Ass is a comic book geek turned vigilante. He is also known as a tunk, which he conceives as the Spear Counterpart of the cunt. Both Kick-Ass and his sidekick, Hit-Girl, have a Good Is Not Nice personality. Both of them also have deceased mothers.

The Kick-Ass costume is a combination of regular cloth and a wet suit. A wet suit provides a greater level of resistance when stabbed. A mop handle wrapped with electrical tape also helps. This costume is also durable, which will help it absorb more resistance if you get stabbed in the back.

The Kick-Ass series is a comic book about a superhero that moonlights as a comic book fanboy. The story follows a teenager who transforms himself into a superhero and encounters a variety of villains. His enemies include Hit-Girl, Big Daddy, and the Red Mist. Kick-Ass is a member of the Justice Forever team.


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