Average Cost of an Indian Wedding in India in Dollars

There are many factors to consider when planning an Indian wedding. For instance, the cost of a ballroom for your ceremony is likely to be higher than the average hotel ballroom. In addition, weddings in popular cities are likely to be more expensive than ceremonies in lesser-known locations. A wedding in a hotel ballroom will generally cost at least one lakh rupees, but will increase dramatically if it is in a more exclusive destination. A beautiful venue with elegant lighting is also likely to cost between fifty and two lakhs.

Wedding costs are rising as more celebrities tie the knot. Celebrity weddings often command extravagant prices and put undue pressure on lower-middle class families. While there are social initiatives attempting to ease this pressure, there is no denying the high-profile nature of these events. According to Ranjana Kumari, director of the Center for Social Research in New Delhi, “Famous weddings set impossible standards and trigger social pressures that have no place at a wedding.” The recently celebrated $100 million Isha Ambani wedding dominated the news for days.

The average cost of an Indian wedding in India is approximately six to ten lakh dollars. Couples may choose to add extra ceremonies and invite friends and relatives to join in the festivities. Whether you plan to attend a small, intimate dinner or a lavish event attended by hundreds of guests, Indian weddings are expensive. Despite the costs, it’s imperative that you set a realistic budget. A wedding planner can help you stick to your budget and ensure you enjoy every aspect of your wedding.

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