4 Signs You Should Hire a Child Custody Lawyer

Have you got a divorce but haven’t received your child custody yet? If yes, then you should hire a child custody lawyer for help. The Harris Firm, LLC ensures you get your parental rights and nurture your children. So when should you hire a child custody lawyer? When you see the signs below:

1. A Complicated Situation 

Many divorces happen in unpleasant conditions. You may have had a fallout with your ex-partner, which results in a messy divorce. When it comes to getting your kids after a divorce, you should hire a child custody lawyer. If it’s getting more difficult to work with your ex-partner, you should hire a child custody lawyer. 

2. Your Children Are at Risk

A child custody attorney helps in ensuring you get parental rights depending on your situation. You should act if your kids are in danger. You should get legal advice so your children get quick relief from the complicated situation. Your ex-partner may have threatened to hurt you for not getting children. You may have experienced domestic abuse that affects your children’s behavior. A lawyer can evaluate your situation and ensure you get children’s custody. They will get removed from the situation and grow under your shelter. 

3. Your Visitation Rights Aren’t Respected

Many things can go wrong as divorces are messy. Your kids may not respect you and your ex-partner you didn’t separate on good terms. If your ex is denying your visitation rights to your children, hire a lawyer to defend yourself. A child custody lawyer ensures you can see your kids during visitation. They can use this evidence against an ex-partner during the final child custodial judgment. 

4. Your Ex-Partner Has a Lawyer

Different divorces seem to be different depending on different couples. Many divorces may even look quite cordial on the surface. You should be very careful if you and your ex-partner have children. Everything should appear good on the surface for smooth proceedings. However, you may find that your ex has hired an experienced child custody lawyer. It indicates they may want sole custody of your children. You should quickly hire a lawyer now to defend yourself. They know the child custody laws and ensure your rights are upheld. If your ex-partner has tried to win sole custody, you won’t get any disadvantage. 

The Bottomline

You should always hire a child custody lawyer irrespective of the complexities in the case. If you want to stay with your children even after divorce, you should hire the best lawyer. 

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